Friday, 19 May 2017


I feel privileged to be a part of UBS family. The ambience of UBS campus gives you the opportunity to study in the lap of nature where you can nurture your mind and soul and try achieving the inner peace which leads to satisfaction. From the day I entered UBS I got to know the value of time ... The last 45 days were like rollercoaster ride full of thrills, bumps and joy. The best thing about lectures is you never get bored because you are always involved with a lecturer... The course or module is full of research based study which gives me domain knowledge in practical terms. I am confident that my journey in UBS will be fruitful and will give a beautiful impact on my professional endeavour.

Hanumanth Pandey
Cardiff MBA-9 Batch
Movie nights Dept(Current Employee)

"I consider myself to be lucky that i have met Tarun Anand sir at QS MBA tour @ Bangalore. His words made a strong impact on me and his emphasis on “Experiential learning” made me dig deep about UBS.I had a personal interaction with him about the Thompson Reuters trading room concept which is very close too my heart. That is when i decided on making the steps clear to see the practicality of My dreams and escalate in the career path( Taking Cardiff programme).

(45 days of UBS)
The concept of green business school echoes in my mind after watching this bounty of flora and fauna. No pollution, No traffic( which were a must to feel in Bangalore). The pedagogy is beautifully crafted to match the concept of “Experiential learning”, I thoroughly enjoy all the lectures and never get tired of being taught(Stay hungry, Stay foolish). In a nutshell this place transforms lives on a daily basis( IT IS HAPPENING WITH ME). "

                                                             “One last thing (HOPE IS A WALKING DREAM)”

Pradhyumna Reddy
(Worked as Deputy manager T&F operations- Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd)
Cardiff MBA-9 Batch

Monday, 8 May 2017

Finding myself drowning deep in water i had two options “sink” or “swim” I chose to swim!!!!

“Groping through dreads thickets of melancholy grasping the depths of despondency that engulfed me, I had no choice but the acceptance of prevailing darkness in My life. Thrust into the ocean of depressing complex entanglements, I had but two options: to sink or to swim. I was defined in that moment by My ability to wield the discrimination that I claimed to possess. Choosing the latter left Me perplexed as a mere acceptance would sooner relieve Me of the despair and pain that relentlessly cut my life to a mere existence. In that plethora of repair, wisdom intervened and an invisible ray of hope shone upon Me. Shattering the darkness, and reaching out to me, I tasted the ambrosia of love-pure and ethereal in its outstretched arms. Wading through the storms armed with My new treasure I explored the world and discovered the conviction to face the challenges of life."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - C.Sai Trisul
                                                                                                                               Content Management
                                                                                                                        EXCO LEARN PVT LTD

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


The journey into the lap of the mother filled with care "My connotation"-Universal Business School, started on 31st 'July' 2016 as a PGDM student. Four months have passed and, this place has taught me a lot, it has been an enthralling experience filled with glee. Before coming to this place I lacked confidence but this college instilled self belief of confidence in "ME".This college played a pivotal role in exemplifying my personality  and developing my skills. The learning from the professors and their concern towards ME, made me understand the real meaning of HOME away from HOME.

UBS, a place which shall allow you to "Raise like a pegasus to enhance the endless endurance of your capabilities" which I don't think any other college across the globe does. Thankful to ELC  for acting as a medium and obeisance to Tarun sir for his encouragement. Yes it is happening the "Blend of Management skills and Photography". VIVE LA UBS-ELC

Barkha Shah
VP content management 
ExColearn pvt. ltd.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My experience in ELC

ELC was formed with a vision to create a unique learning organization led by students to develop their business acumen and get real life business experience whilst on campus…developing leadership, organizational, managerial and business skills towards generating innovative ideas for growth and the building brand-UBS.

Being Dy. CFO of the company, it has enhanced my skills and provided me real life business experience. It made me realize the importance of time in life. It has completely transformed my personality from an amateur graduate to a corporate confidante. ELC has given me the chance to experience such a big corporate post at such a young age. It has motivated me to work harder in life to reach that level where I can call myself a CFO of a company, that everybody looks up to, after successfully completing my term in ELC. It has provided me the lifetime experience of interviewing Mr. Ridhim Desai, MD of Morgan Stanley, which would have never been possible without the support of ELC. From transforming ELC to a private limited company , to handling of accounts and cash flows, everything has been a good learning experience. I look forward to greater opportunities through this journey.
-by Sakshi Natani

Wednesday, 12 October 2016



The world has changed so much in the past decade with digitization and smarter generations that the world has truly transformed into a high-tech global village. Connecting with people has become so convenient than it was possible a few years ago, we now have the same reach as any person on the Wall Street has.

As kids, we learned from our mistakes and were always taught to study so that you can earn a living for our family, study hard or else you won’t get a good college without which you won’t get a good job which will lead your entire life to be in misery.

Remember this what our parents used to say...
“You are not understanding my point right now but when you will it will be too late and you will repent not listening to me”

Most of us have been raised in such a “play it safe environment” that we don't accept change, we don't take risks
We don't try to achieve the next level! 

Here's the problem...
By playing it safe you get stuck to a routine the boring monotonous routine of waking up going for your 9-5 job , wait for the 7th of every month get your salary spend and by the end of the month cry with bills pending and blaming your life, blaming your boss blaming your circumstances. Instead of you controlling your life your circumstances control your life.

Jordan Belfort once said "We are not Creatures of circumstances we creators of circumstances" Remember this!!!.

What's wrong with playing safe???

I believe life is too short to spend most of your time planning and plotting each move we take. Personally speaking, I believe to go all-out attack as a warrior what will happen you will fail? Each failure is a stepping stone towards success. Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

But if you don't try and sit on your couch pretending it’s insane to get out there and try,
what will happen is that you will spend your life thinking of the What if’s ?

These what if's hold us back they are the barriers towards successes

To conclude I would like each and every one of you to go out there and take action instead of dwelling on what if's...
Remember to succeed work hard towards achieving your dreams there is no replacement for hard work but you will succeed only if you give it all you have with no shame of failing.
With no hesitation whenever an opportunity knocks your door grab it and work hard until you achieve what you want and what you deserve…

-by Ankush Goel

Friday, 7 October 2016



 On 13th August 2014, I took admission in India’s first Green Business School UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL. Here I came to know the value of many things in the corporate life and also the realities of life. In UBS I am able to learn a lot of things… I improved my communication skills, how to present myself during any seminar, presenting presentations etc. And the most special thing that I am learning here, is adopting the corporate life and work style. There is a private Limited Corporation through UBS that is run by students of the college. It has been founded by Mr. Tarun Anand. Its name is Experimental Learning Corporation and I am also a part of Experimental Learning Corporation (ELC), where I started off with the position of Vice PRESIDENT in the department of Campus tours, and now the proud CFO of the company. With the help of UBS and ELC I am able to interact with many CEOs and am able to shake hands with them. I get opportunities to know about all the guest CEO’s & MD’s personally, during the campus tour.  In UBS, almost every week we have a  guest lecture addressed by the CEOs & MDs of great big companies where they share their experiences and at the same time, also give us the knowledge that helps us on various aspects .

 As a BBA student of 2nd year I am able to explore myself while becoming more responsible. We have practical learning here as well as we make teams of various departments and divide the works accordingly. It helps us to get experience in team work, improved leadership skills and decision making skills.  In UBS we also get 5-star facilities. We get very good opportunities to groom ourselves and enhance our talents. We have monthly parties too, called OCTAVE NIGHTS. It is organised by the ELC Event Management team every month, where students show their talents and in the end celebrate with a rocking after-party according to different themes.
So, study hard and party harder & enjoy every moment of college life…
                                                        ! DON’T MISS IT !  

                                                                                -by SAURAV NARAYAN SINGH